How long should Flight Training really take?

How long should flight training take?

Just how long should it take to complete your flight training, and do you have to buy a program, or can you pay-as-you-go? All good questions. A full-time student who takes training serious, should easily be able to complete the Private Pilot rating in 4-weeks or less. A part time student will obviously take longer, but flying two times a week, should be able to complete the rating in 4-months or less. If it takes a full-time student longer than 4-weeks, one of two things is occurring. First, the student may not be taking the training serious, and may not be studying enough.&ensp.If the first case is not the problem, then maybe the school is overbooking aircraft and instructors. The later is a common problem at large flight schools. They just have more students than they can accommodate. If that is the case, you're just screwed.

To obtain all certificates from Private through Commercial including Instrument, for a dedicated full-time student; you should be able to easily accomplish this training and obtain your ratings in 6-months or less.

If you will be seeking your Flight Instructor Ratings including CFII, you should be able to compelete those additional ratings in no more than a month longer. Yes, that is right, a dedicated student should easily be able to obtain all ratings from Private through CFII in less than 7-months. If not, then the same two issues as stated for the Private above still apply. END.